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Our country has a history of building good homes in a wide variety of styles and designs
that reflect the diversity of our cultural and ethnic roots. From traditional homes to modern contemporaries, we at Capitol Remodeling, Inc. believe that a well designed
home, regardless of the style or era, starts with a thoughtful composition. A thoughtful composition means paying attention to the smallest details, such as the pattern of storage cubby holes in a spare room to the shape and pitch of a cottage-style roof.

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Interior Design
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Custom Cabinetry

Each part of a house reflects the creative, collaborative vision of a homeowner and his or her architect and builder. How these parts are conceived, designed, and uniquely combined is the heart of every well designed home. One of the important thing is that a new home or renovation is inspired by how it will be lived in, by the
family’s lifestyle, and by the owners personal vision.

Capitol Remodeling, Inc. favors making any remodeling project affordable, may it be a custom home, room addition or second story, our prices are very affordable. After designing and building many homes over the years, we at Capitol Remodeling, Inc. come to appreciate four qualities that are essential to composing a good home. The four qualities are character, comfort,harmony, and quality. A home with character reflects the owners life style while conveying a strong sense of personality and visual appeal. Character also instinctively enhance comfort, with a welcoming, truly at home ambiance.

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1. Subject to change, standard size. Labor only, when materials and appliances are ready. Some restrictions apply, call for details. 2. Subject to change some restrictions apply, call for details. 3. With any room addition job. Subject to change, some restrictions applycall for details.