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Paint is an essential decorating material that constantly enriches the surroundings in which we live. Color constantly engages us through a visual feast of both spectacular and ordinary images that surround us everyday in which we can find inspiration. We at Capitol Remodeling, Inc. know what it takes to do a good paint job whether it is exterior or interior.

A good paint job looks good and does a good job of protecting the house. the odds are high that your house will be attractive for many years if you choose the colors carefully, prepare the surface well, use high-quality materials, and apply the paint correctly. That’s where Capitol Remodeling, Inc. comes into the picture.

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Capitol Remodeling, Inc. performs a series of tasks in the proper order for a well painted house. We believe that proper preparation is the most important factor in determining how long a paint job will last. Combining high-quality materials with the right application will give you the desired results.

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1. Subject to change, standard size. Labor only, when materials and appliances are ready. Some restrictions apply, call for details. 2. Subject to change some restrictions apply, call for details. 3. With any room addition job. Subject to change, some restrictions applycall for details.