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Tex cote is a method of painting a house on the exterior.

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Capitol Remodeling, Inc. recommends tex cote in the event that the stucco is overly cracked. First, a hydro blasting of the entire exterior is required to remove all the loose stucco, bugs, dust, etc. then the cracks are properly repaired. Primer is applied and finally the tex cote. Tex cote, which is a waterproof material, is approximately 10 times thicker than ordinary paint and will not reveal repairs in the stucco whereas paint will.

Tex cote also countains the same type of pigments used by the u.s. government to cool ships and
reflect light.

Due to this ability these pigments can lower surface temperatures and this reduction in heat could provide important energy savings for homeowners. Tex cote features a full palette of beautiful colors. Custom colors can be provided at an additional charge.

Finally, tex cote comes with a warranty from the manufacturer, which is obtained by Capitol Remodeling, Inc. on your behalf.

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