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Doors and windows link your home to the outside world and are one of the most important design elements in any remodeling project. In addition to style, a well-positioned window also can reduce heating and cooling bills by serving as a passive solar collector in the cooler months and by improving ventilation in the summer.

Replacing or adding new windows makes your home brighter and makes living spaces feel larger. Replacing a shabby entry door can make your home more inviting to guest and more secure against intruders.

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Capitol remodeling, inc. is offering a vast range of door and window styles and finishes by the market leading brands. We can assist you in both choosing the style and shape that match your home and properly installing them for you.

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1. Subject to change, standard size. Labor only, when materials and appliances are ready. Some restrictions apply, call for details. 2. Subject to change some restrictions apply, call for details. 3. With any room addition job. Subject to change, some restrictions applycall for details.